Singles Collection Vol. 1

Singles Collection Vol. 1

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Volume 1 By Gary Taylor, Greg Brooks and Phil Symes This was the first of four box sets of individual CD's to reproduce all of Queen's original 7" format singles that made the top 40 anywhere in the world. Naturally the set takes in all of the band’s UK singles, but it also features many that were only released abroad. The sets each contain the A and B sides that were originally released, with a picture sleeve also from the 7" vinyl release, that included numerous foreign pressed versions unique to a particular country, which gives the sets a truly international feel. The tracks span more than 20 years, and are drawn from sixteen studio albums, beginning with the debut LP, Queen, in 1973, and ending in Made In Heaven in 1995. The Singles Collection also includes various rare non-album B-sides, including some live tracks, and some seldom-heard alternative mixes. It traces the band through four decades, and many musical styles; every Queen single heard on the radio anywhere across the world is found in this collection. All the cover artwork for the series was by Richard Gray, and each box is packaged in an individually themed colour lift off top thick card box. In documenting the band’s diversity in their singles material, the box set collection highlights the fact that all four members of the band wrote massively successful hit songs. While Freddie takes ownership of Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Don’t Stop Me Now, Bicycle Race, We Are The Champions, Play The Game and Somebody To Love, Brian May takes credit for such rock perennials as We Will Rock You, Fat Bottomed Girls, Now I’m Here, Hammer To Fall, Tie Your Mother Down, Flash and classic ballads as Who Wants To Live Forever. John Deacon enjoyed worldwide hits with You’re My Best Friend, Spread Your Wings, I WantTo Break Free and of course the monster smash Another One Bites The Dust. Roger Taylor chalked up number 1’s with Radio Ga Ga, A Kind of Magic and rock classics such as I’m In Love With My Car. Queen are the only group in history whose members all have written number 1 songs. Then there are the collaborations: John and Freddie co-wrote Friends Will Be Friends; One Vision was a truly collaborative composition credited to Queen collectively. The 1981 chart-topping Under Pressure was of course co-written with David Bowie. Many of the group’s later hits were, as a band policy decision, credited to “Queen” collectively, regardless of who had the original idea. These include Innuendo, The Show Must Go On, Breakthru, I Want It All, These Are The Days Of Our Lives, The Miracle, Headlong and Scandal. Much care has been taken in the preparation of these discs to offer the exact single versions, rather than the corresponding album tracks, which in many cases are different mixes, or different edits, or were cross-faded into other tracks. This is truly a collection made up of The Singles, each in their original form. Few could have imagined that from such modest beginnings in 1970 when four student band members formed themselves into Queen, that by 2005 they would surpass even the Beatles’ world record for the longest time spent on the British album charts, as well as holding the record for the UK’s best selling album ever. Elsewhere around the world, in territories too numerous to list and far exceeding the 28 countries in which they toured, Queen enjoyed spectacular success; the many picture sleeves reproduced in the box set are a reminder of how the band literally conquered the world. The first box was released by EMI/Parlophone and materialised on November 17 2008 and contains 13 CD singles, dating from the beginnings of the band’s recording career with the first single Keep Yourself Alive, to Don’t Stop Me Now in 1979. The set begins with the July 6th 1973 EMI release of the first Queen single Keep Yourself Alive. In the UK it was the first and only track to be taken from the band’s debut album Queen. While attracting some interest, the song received almost no radio support, and consequently never made the UK singles chart. Although not a true hit single anywhere in the world, the track is represented here for historical reasons. EMI’s promotion team received feedback from radio programmers claiming the song didn’t fit play-lists formats because, “It takes too long to happen…” – referring to the song’s 30-second guitar intro, now widely regarded as one of its most innovative features! Determined to avoid this problem on the second time around, in shaping their next single, Seven Seas Of Rhye (from Queen II), Queen deliberately made everything happen in the opening seconds of the track… “Everything including the kitchen sink,” as Brian May would later relate. This tactic proved to be their ticket to singles success: from this point on, hit singles became a virtual certainty, escalating to that historic locked-in-time moment when Bohemian Rhapsody dominated the No.1 chart position for nine weeks and turned into Britain’s favourite rock song for every decade that followed. Notable songs to appear on the first collection is the non-album B-side of See What A Fool I've Been, which never appeared on the original Queen II album, and the single only versions of Flick Of The Wrist, Lily Of The Valley, I'm In Love With My Car and Fat Bottomed Girls. Queen's first and only EP single in 1977, brought together four tracks from the band's second, third and fourth studio albums, including the single only version of White Queen. Many foreign covers are used for this box, as some of the UK counterparts were only issued in plain EMI sleeves.

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1. La recopilación incluye la pista See What A Fool I've Been, que no pertenece a ningún álbum original. 2. Los simples fueron alojados en sus carátulas originales europeas; son piezas de colección. 3. Contiene la épica y premiada Bohemian Rhapsody. 4. Incluye dos simples doble cara-.A: Killer Queen/Flick Of The Wrist y Bicycle Race/Fat Bottomed Girls. 5. También contiene el único lanzamiento en EP de la banda.

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2. See What a Fool I've Been

Well shes gone gone this morning See what a fool Ive been For so long See what a fool Ive been Didnt leave no letter didnt leave no warning I guess Im all to blame oh lord Guess Im all to blame My little dog aint too hungry he kept on barking Said it just it just dont seem the same Well I got so lonely Went and told my neighbour She said mm mm mm mm mm Oh lord what a fool Ive been And she told what to do Well shes gone gone this morning See what a fool Ive been For so long See what a fool Ive been More lyrics: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/q/queen/#share

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Singles Collection Vol. 1


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