19th September 2018

Doin’ Alright by Patrick Lemieux

We have a brand new Fan Feature here on QOL, and it is very topical as we move towards the release of the 'Bohemian Rhapsody' movie. Doin’ Alright by Patrick Lemieux highlights the period and the track from Brian and Roger's pre-Queen band Smile and includes an interview with Tim Staffell, the band's singer, bass player and co-writer of the song.

"Staffell left Smile in March of 1970, leaving the door open for Freddie Bulsara to form a new group with Brian May and Roger Taylor: Queen. After several bassists filled the role, February of 1971 saw John Deacon step in, solidifying the classic line-up.  Tim’s departure came after Smile had already recorded and released a single for Mercury Records, “Earth,” written by Staffell, paired with “Step On Me” as the B-side, co-written by Tim and Brian. Plans had been underway for a Smile album, and in addition to “Earth” and “Step On Me,” the band had recorded a version of “April Lady” (a song presented to them by the record company) and their songs “Blag,” “Polar Bear” and “Doin’ Alright.”"

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