22nd September 2020

Fan Feature: Masters of Transitions by Fabio Mirabasso

"Throughout their artistic production, Queen have shown that they appreciated and knew how to handle different musical genres. One of their strengths was in the exploration of many styles so that everyone could find a side they preferred. Even after years of listening, their songs always have that special touch that makes them interesting. I was always intrigued and surprised by their great ability to create such different and 'compact' works at the same time, especially at an album level. One of the most fascinating techniques that has helped them achieve this cohesion are the transitions between one song and another: in particular the softer ones, where you don't even notice the gap between the two songs. Technically these are called 'segue' (from the Italian word which means 'it follows'): it represents the imperceptible passage from one song to another. It's a winning mix achieved both from the composition and from the recording. It's almost 'an art into the art' and I think Queen were masters in it."

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