29th July 2017

Freddie For A Day / Hard Rock Cafe Events - Europe

23 Hard Rock Cafes across Europe are stepping up this year to help raise funds for The Mercury Phoenix Trust on 5th September! 

They will all be doing something slightly different, but be sure their will be plenty of Queen music,Freddie moustaches being rocked and heaps of fun!

Check out the locations below and their events page for more details:

Location >>> Events Page

Amsterdam - https://goo.gl/aUDpZr 
Antwerp - https://goo.gl/7bWwYe 
Athens - https://goo.gl/p2kWWM 
Barcelona - https://goo.gl/WzvRn2 
Berlin - https://goo.gl/w3eP1L 
Brussels - https://goo.gl/js7Jjp 
Cologne - https://goo.gl/7SFimJ 
Copenhagen - https://goo.gl/1zfWb8 
Edinburgh - https://goo.gl/JeZiqy 
Florence - https://goo.gl/VmVwXQ 
Glasgow - https://goo.gl/aPLrPw 
Lisbon - https://goo.gl/xm6aaD 
London - https://goo.gl/tSi1G8
Madrid - https://goo.gl/SEYiX1 
Manchester - https://goo.gl/DiWFj1
Munich - https://goo.gl/37Ahnd 
Oslo  - https://goo.gl/HEEULe
Nice - https://goo.gl/pjVcSQ 
Paris - https://goo.gl/94U3Rt 
Prague - https://goo.gl/8QQvgp 
Rome - https://goo.gl/VmktnM 
Seville - https://goo.gl/DGdvYi 
Venice - https://goo.gl/A4P3TC 
Vienna - https://goo.gl/CaFcUc