26th January 2020

Greg Brooks: Our Man In Japan says "Sayonara!"

Greg Brooks, Queen's Official Archivist is currently working in Japan on the Bohemian Rhapsody Exhibition and the release of his co-authored book 'Freddie Mercury: A Life, In His Own Words'.


Last night was the first of two QAL shows here in Tokyo. The 30 Queen fans touring party and myself were present and it was an amazing and stirring spectacle. The production is on a phenomenal scale and the band was in exceptional form - again! I simply could not believe the brilliant sound system and the lighting... I have no words for that.

Brian and Roger were so happy to be back in Japan, and certainly the audience, young and old, were more excited and animated than I’ve seen a Queen audience since back in the Freddie days. It was an extraordinary reaction to two much revered and greatly loved musicians - two old friends indeed. The crowd enjoyed Adam, of course, but it seemed blatant to me that the deepest love and nostalgia was for Roger and Brian.

Brian performed Teo Torriate on acoustic guitar and never ever have I seen so many eyes fixed on one person so intently; soaking up every note he played and sang. It was a remarkable thing to witness close up. Everyone singing with passion and all the while holding up mobile phone lights. It was truly astonishing and very moving.

This was the culmination of an amazing and profoundly fascinating Japanese adventure for me... my first, but not my last. Singing along with LET US CLING TOGETHER, in Tokyo, with my fellow fans and friends, as well as my new Japanese chums, on my penultimate night here, after 15 stunning days and nights... was... you may imagine... more than a little emotional for me.

A fab night.


Greg Brooks