16th November 2017

Hungary Loves Queen + Adam Lambert

Some quite charming quotes from Hungary about the recent Queen + Adam Lambert show...

"The songs were wonderful, the consistency between the musicians was great, the audience had an unforgettable experience.”

"If something is not worth arguing, one of the most dramatic events of this year was Queen and Adam Lambert at Sportarena.” 

"Who knows how long they can continue to tour. But after Saturday night, I really have to see this again!”

“It was a joy to watch the people's face after the concert, we got a huge energy bomb from this legendary team. One sure thing: the show has to go on!”

"They had a huge party, even Adam's greatest hit, Whataya Want From Me, was part of the party, we can only thank the band and the organisers who have brought us this production!”

"There was a huge party on Saturday night in the Arena, where the long-awaited Queen orchestra with Adam Lambert literally proved that there is life after death!”

“We received an irresistible big show in our faces, 100% adrenaline, and endorphin experience.”

“Thanks to the Queen of bands for this miracle."

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