14th May 2020

Jimmy Fallon, Brendon Urie & The Roots - Under Pressure

"Wow! Brilliant cover!" Roger Taylor 

Our favourite thing at QOL Towers today!

Brendon Urie from Panic! at the Disco joins Jimmy Fallon and The Roots to perform this special social-distancing version 'Under Pressure' with instruments found at home while in quarantine. What's not to love?

Brendon Urie - Vocals
Jimmy - Vocals
Questlove - Butter Knife/Wine Glass, Bottle, Jar, Bowl, Pot Lid
Black Thought - Frosting Spatula/Toaster
James Poysner  - Melodica
Kirk - Guitar
Mark - Bass
Kamal Gray - Spoons/Glasses, Flasks
Damon - Clapping
Stro - Fork/Pot Lid
Ian Hendrickson-Smith - Table
Dave Guy - Frisbee