2nd June 2017

Journey's End Track Available Now!

Roger's Journey's End track is officially released today!

“Accepting that eternity is not an option, Roger Taylor delivers a haunting musical and visual odyssey steeped in reflection and contemplation”

Download now @ https://queenofficial.lnk.to/journeysend

Journey's End is Taylor's first fresh solo work since his rowdy, politically charged 2013 album Fun On Earth. But this new addition to his prolific canon could hardly be more different in tone in sound. Symphonic in scale and autumnal in mood, Journey's End is Taylor's ‘September Song’, a highly personal reflection on earthly mortality and ephemeral beauty.

The track is a new Taylor-penned song and entirely instrumentally performed by him.

Spanning precisely six minutes and 50 seconds, Journey's End exceeds the epic running time of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody by almost a full minute. Musically it offers a warm, immersive bittersweet blend of lush chamber-pop ballad and widescreen ambient sound painting, which is graced in its latter half by a luminous, free-flowing guitar solo.