4th July 2017

Message From Roger: Serve Cold by Felix Taylor

Hey everyone - for any of you who are interested, my son Felix has a book out on Amazon. It's a dark comedy thriller entitled Serve Cold and here's a link you can use to download it or buy a hard copy and some blurb on it: www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B071XVM94X


Simon Pith, a well-heeled, intelligent but neurotic food stylist in his thirties, has an unusual hobby: REVENGE. He sees himself as a ‘revenge artist’, so when his family collectively reject and destroy his relationship with the love of his life, Charlotte, he decides to use his finely honed skills a little closer to home and devises a tailor-made menu of ‘just-desserts’ for each of them in turn. However, Simon soon realises that however cold you serve a dish, some recipes can produce the most unexpected results!