13th April 2018

News Of The World Fan Pack - Portuguese Exclusive

With the 40th anniversary of the News Of The World album (in 2017) still fresh on our minds, it was a pleasure to work with Bravado on this elegant and unusual product, created exclusively for Queen’s Portuguese fans. 

The iconic Robot album artwork is one of the best known and most admired of all Queen images and lends itself perfectly to the carefully chosen items gathered here. Consulting closely with Queen Productions and the band’s official archivist, all elements of the Fan Pack - as you would hope - stick faithfully to original fonts and images from the time… with a little artistic license for the laminate. 

The Fan Pack is a modestly priced fun alternative item to add to the News Of The World Robot-themed section of your collection.

The News Of The World Fan Pack is available now @ www.fnac.pt