9th May 2018

The Bohemian Rhapsody Teaser Countdown Continues...

To celebrate the Official Countdown to the Worldwide Premiere of the first Bohemian Rhapsody movie teaser, we have been posting an exclusive series of 'Behind The Scenes / On The Set' film images on Queen's Official Instagram channel - @officialqueenmusic / www.instagram.com/officialqueenmusic/

Here is a little recap of what you may have missed out on, here are the first three images we have released;

 - a set of handwritten Bohemian Rhapsody lyrics (below) 
 - a sketchpad with early Queen logos (above)
 - and yesterday, the Songwriters Notice Board...plus there is so much more to come!

Greg Brooks, Queen Archivist: "Working on the movie was a fascinating experience on every level imaginable - and many further levels that were unimaginable!  I think people will know exactly what I mean by that, as soon as they see the four principal actors together on screen for the first time.

"The attention to detail is staggering - from the correct pack of cigarettes and newspaper of the day, and the exact right Mars bar, bottle of Coke and can of lager of the time - through to the exact Queen tour sticker on the right item of luggage, and the correct Trident label on the right format of tape. It had to be a 2-inch 16-track analogue 10-inch reel, with the correct orange Trident label of the time, and nothing else. If I’d given them a 24-track tape as a reference, not 16, then for sure eagle-eyed Queen experts will have spotted it."

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