13th September 2022

WWRY UK Tour Reviews...The Round Up!

Manchester - "With 24 of rock legends Queen's biggest hits, you know you're in for a foot-stomping, fist-pumping kind of night." - Manchester Evening News

Sheffield - "This enigmatic musical not only makes you laugh, but keeps you hooked by timeless hits that you can’t help but clap along." - Sheffield Star

Southend - "The hardworking ensemble look and sound amazing and the Southend audience couldn’t get enough, clapping and arm waving along at every opportunity."Southend Theatre Scene

Birmingham - "Still a worthy Champion after twenty years…top of the league. ***** Five Stars" Midland Arts Magazine

London - "‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ is saved for an encore, ...and when it comes it’s a very joyful treat indeed. I left the theatre in a haze of happy nostalgia" - Everything Theatre

Torquay -  "...it only takes a few beats to start fans whooping and clapping along." - DevonLive

Ipswich - "There is nothing negative to say about this whole production. Brilliantly acted and performed, a fun story with lots of humour and Queen’s greatest hits spectacularly performed.  We will Rock You is a must-see!" - Ipswich24

Aylesbury - 4 Stars - " ..immerse yourself in some good old-fashioned live entertainment. You won’t regret it." Dress Circles Antics 

Northampton"A jukebox musical that, using the music of Queen, spreads a message of love, creativity and freedom." - 4 Stars - Reviews Hub

Dorset - "We Will Rock You in Bournemouth floored me" - Dorset Live

Stoke - "...although trends may change the music of Queen will never die." - 4 Stars - The Reviews Hub

Cornwall - "...the show we need after two years of being under pressure." - 4 Stars - Cornwall Live

York - "We Will Rock You is all about those oh-so familiar songs being brought to fresh life by myriad knock-out voices." - 4 Stars - York Press