Watch Now: Sunday Night Australian Special Part 1 & 2

Sunday Night sits down with the ultimate rock band and their newest recruit to talk about Freddie Mercury's legacy and QUEEN's incredible comeback thanks to the talented Adam Lambert. This funny and moving tribute by Mercury's closest mates reveals the secret last months of his life.

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Part 1

Part 2

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Watch Now: Sunday Night Australian Special Part 1 & 2

A. Murray

Adam Lambert sounds nothing like Freddie. Granted he is a singer, but there are thousands of singers, I sing myself, but there is only one Freddie and nobody can replace him! Every time I hear his voice I feel happy. It's like a drug. Unbelievable. He's a man that did what he did with 100% passion, heart and soul. The music of Queen will live on forever.


No new info and they still haven't replaced him... and I stil maintain they are Brian & Roger plus Adam,,,

good golly but I miss Freddie, and these videos only served to make me miss him even more.


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