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Absolute Greatest By Gary Taylor

Released in the UK on 16 November 2009, and the following day in the USA, this compilation features 20 of their most famous hits throughout their career on one CD for the very first time.

Available on a standard single disc CD and a double CD special edition with an extra CD featuring an audio commentary by Brian May and Roger Taylor, reminiscing about the songs on the album. There was also a limited edition book version with previously unseen photos by Johnny Dewe Matthews, memorabilia, hand written lyrics and the commentary CD, and a triple LP vinyl box set, with both the aforementioned formats, and also having access to the exclusive online streaming of 20 live video performances, and the first two formats also available as digital downloads. A limited edition of 500 individually numbered deluxe box sets were made and could be exclusively purchased from the queenonline store.

The album reached No 3 in the UK going double platinum, and enjoyed top 10 chart placings in Austria, Hungary, Denmark, Portugal, Norway, Ireland, New Zealand and Sweden. The album was also certified platinum in the USA.

The album cover was designed by Richard Gray and features one of the newly released black and white photos of the band photographed in 1974 by Johnny Dewe Matthews, as well as a new crest illustration by Rob Ryan.

Absolute Greatest, mastered by Bob Ludwig from the original flat master mix tapes, contains a joyous celebration of Queen’s – and many of our own – greatest moments. Charting over 21 years of making people rock, dance, laugh and celebrate, the album reminds us just what fine, and highly talented rock and pop writers and musicians Messrs Deacon, May, Mercury and Taylor were. A promotional TV advert was made and shown on TV at the time.

The earliest hits presented here are Freddie's Seven Seas of Rhye and Killer Queen from 1974, reminding us of those days when we first witnessed the band on our TV screens on Top Of The Pops, so different to anyone else and wondering who they were, and then the song that catapulted the band to worldwide recognition as a recording and touring band and video pioneers with the operatically ballistic Bohemian Rhapsody.

John's biggest hits are all represented here with Another One Bites The Dust, You're My Best Friend and I Want To Break Free, and Roger's too with Radio Ga Ga, A Kind Of Magic and Heaven For Everyone. And if you wanted a mass celebration, who better than Queen, who could bond tens of thousands of total strangers and get them chanting or arm-waving in unison to Brian’s terse We Will Rock You and I Want It All or Freddie’s more emotionally charged We Are The Champions and Don't Stop Me Now. They could at the drop of a hat be romantic, like on Freddie's Crazy Little Thing Called Love, or friends to heartbreak, on Somebody to Love and Brian’s Who Wants to Live Forever.

Queen provided a mood and backdrop for every time and every occasion, and were often at their best when they went for almost breath-taking high drama, collected here with the group composed One Vision, Freddie's Seven Seas of Rhye and Killer Queen, and aided by David Bowie they gave us the brooding heart pounding rhythms of Under Pressure, and perhaps the ultimate curtain-call rock song, The Show Must Go On.

Queen have ruled their game longer than most other bands and more than three generations have passed since they first blasted their way into our consciences, they’re just as omnipresent today as they ever were. Few other acts have so embedded themselves into our lives that we can’t imagine a time when Queen weren’t around, or can imagine such a time in the future.

Did You Know?

1. The collection included Queens 20 of their biggest worldiwide hits

2. Album was released as 4 CD/vinyl/compact and luxury formats and 2 digital formats

3. Released as a limited edition book which included rare and unseen photos and hand written lyrics

4. Album success was instigated by live appearances on American Idol and X Factor TV Shows

5. Brian May and Roger Taylor shared their memories on each track on a special audio CD

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Absolute Greatest

Raúl Casales Velasco


I have the book, but when I recently insterted the 2nd CD to "Access exclusive content" I get to the next page: http://www.queenonline.com/bonus
there there's no any content, it says "Error 404" or something like that. How can I get to the "exclusive content of the CD I bought?


Is this album still available?


Got the book edition of this with the two CDs love it... i'll pop in the commentary CD every so often to hear the background of the songs, my favorite is that John Deacon went through food on One Vision... Queen is still the greatest band around


The track list:
01. We Will Rock You (1977)
02. We Are The Champions (1977)
03. Radio Ga Ga (1984)
04. Another One Bites The Dust (1980)
05. I Want It All (1989)
06. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (1979)
07. A Kind Of Magic (1986)
08. Under Pressure (1981)
09. One Vision (1985)
10. You're My Best Friend (1975)
11. Don't Stop Me Now (1979)
12. Killer Queen (1974)
13. These Are The Days Of Our Lives (1991)
14. Who Wants To Live Forever (1986)
15. Seven Seas Of Rhye (1974)
16. Heaven For Everyone (1995)
17. Somebody To Love (1976)
18. I Want To Break Free (1984)
19. The Show Must Go On (1991)
20. Bohemian Rhapsody (1975)


so good!

sandro montero

queen the best!!

Theresa Tkach

I want to listen to their music


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