14th July 2020

A Request To Queen Fans from Greg Brooks (Queen Archivist)


Some very kind Queen friends recently sent me these photos. And now that my Queen memorabilia book I WANT IT ALL! has been put back until 2021, due to Coronavirus and the prolonged period of Lockdown, I have a bit of extra time to include some new things. So.. I would like to ask you please to dig out any photos you have of yourself, or friends, standing next to Queen (Freddie Mercury era only) posters or shop window displays (or similar) at the time of their release. Not years later. Not in 2012 when you bought a poster from 1984, and please not photos of you in your house or bedroom, standing with your Queen collection. I mean FROM THE TIME, in 1975 or 1982, or whenever, anywhere in the world, in a public space... like these brilliant examples. 

I'd love to have photos of shop window displays of Queen product, or you in front of a billboard, or with a poster for a single or album or concert, or anything. I think a spread of photos like that would be fabulous in the book. It is, after all, a project conceived and compiled FOR Queen fans, BY a Queen fan, containing many items of memorabilia sent to me BY yet more fans. Please send me your photos of the time. 

Actually, photos can be of just posters or promo displays on a wall or in a shop window, without a person in the shot, such as in the red Queen/Marillion picture here. You get the idea! SPECIFICALLY QUEEN/FREDDIE MERCURY era, please. 

Many thanks,

Greg Brooks

Queen Archivist and author of 'I WANT IT ALL!' - 50 Years of Queen Memorabilia

Please email me @ [email protected]

PS. Can you spot Liverpudlian Legend Jim Jenkins in one of these images? (and, has ANYONE got that Jazz poster please?)