26th October 2022

Bri-Day Returns For Stereoscopy Is Good For You: Life In 3-D Launch

To celebrate the launch of the LSC's highly anticipated book and exhibition at Proud Galleries  - Stereoscopy Is Good For You: Life In 3-D -    Bri-Day returns! Brian will be taking you behind the scenes all day live from his Instagram feed @brianmayforreal :-)

Brian says - 

"Yes! Foolishly, perhaps, I will be doing that Bri-Day thing one more time this coming Tuesday. My day will start pretty early - I need to be on the road about 5.30 am - so I might just start transmitting then if I can remember how! Hoping to share my launch day with you decent folks - interviews, TV, Radio, Press, some one-to-ones, I hope … and live conversations in the Proud galleries where our launch takes place. And the launch event proper in the evening - at which I will hopefully be still standing and able to speak to the assembled guests and glitterati. Join us !! STEREOSCOPY IS GOOD FOR YOU !!!! Thanks, Flory for this great picture - sorry you can’t join us on the day, but you will definitely be with us on the day, even though your corporeal self is in Paraguay! Bri"

You can pre-order the book now at www.londonstereo.com -  out on 1st November.

Book tickets to the exhibition at www.proudgalleries.com - open 3rd November - 25th March 2023.