12th April 2021

Brian Launches New 'Panic Attack 2021' Video on The One Show / Instagram Live

Tonight Brian May was a guest BBC1's The One Show where he launched a NEW video for his current new single with Kerry Ellis, 'Panic Attack 2021'. The new version was created by Brian's Pixar pal Bob Whitehill.

"I loved hearing Brian and Kerry’s re-imagining of Panic Attack to signal hopeful, re-connected days ahead. In such a dispiriting and heart-breaking time, I didn’t realize how badly I needed this re-assurance from two of my favorite artists. "It’s going to be all right!" Bob Whitehill, April 2021.


Brian then hit Instagram Live with Kerry straight after the show to continue talking about the new video and track.

Click here to listen to 'Panic Attack 2021' now.

“PANIC ATTACK 2021” is a bold reimagining of 2017’s Ellis/May classic “It's Gonna Be All Right (The Panic Attack Song)” written from a personal standpoint by Brian May long before the world buckled under the heel of the Covid-19, and originally featured on the duo’s Golden Days album.