27th June 2021

Brian May Asteroid Day Talk - June 30th

Brian is taking part in Asteroid Day LIVE 2021 on June 30th. As co-founder of Asteroid Day, Brian will be giving a talk about his work to bring images and computer simulations of asteroids to life using 3D stereoscopic images with Patrick Michel, Director of Research at CNRS, France.

Brian's interview will be transmitted at 19:16 CEST (18:16 BST) and will last for 18 minutes and can be watched @ www.asteroidday.org.

For full details on the Asteroid Day schedule, click here.

Asteroid Day is a UN-sanctioned global awareness campaign participated annually on 30 June. The mission is to inspire, engage and educate the public about asteroids opportunities and risks. Every year, we produce Asteroid Day LIVE– a live broadcast with asteroid content and commentary from astronauts, experts and celebrities. Asteroid Day events are held around the globe thanks to thousands of independent Asteroid Day Event Organizers.