26th April 2021

Brian Signs VOX AC30 Amp For The Teenage Cancer Trust

Brian has signed and donated a VOX AC30 Amp to help raise funds for The Teenage Cancer Trust.

A diehard VOX fan since the late 1960s, Brian May has relied on AC30s to provide his signature sound throughout his entire career.

Anyone who has ever clapped along to “We Will Rock You” or lip-synced to “Bohemian Rhapsody” has felt the power of Brian’s legendary guitar tone and shouldn't miss out on the opportunity to own an incredible amp signed by legendary guitarist.

This iconic sound has inspired an entire generation of guitarists who continue to rely on VOX amplifiers to serve as their voice. Brian, along with Queen drummer Roger Taylor, is the shepherd for all things Queen and continues to rock stadiums with his signature stack of VOX AC30s.

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