14th October 2010

Brian To Receive Animal Welfare Award

Brian is set to receive a special award in recognition of his campaigning on behalf of animals from the International Fund for Animal Welfare at a ceremony hosted by Baroness Gale, at the House of Lords on October 19.

Brian has always been passionate about animals and devotes much of his time to animal welfare issues, particularly the protection of British wildlife. Brian set up a soft release site in Surrey nine months ago so that rehabilitated foxes, badgers, owls and other wildlife can be returned to the wild.

He has also been a vocal supporter of many animal welfare campaigns. In 2006 he was involved in a successful campaign against the culling of hedgehogs in Uist, Scotland and has also campaigned for the banning of snares and pushed for greater protection for UK seals.

More recently, Brian launched his Save-Me campaign to promote decent treatment for animals with the belief that every creature deserves a decent life and a decent death. The campaign opposes badger culs and urges politicians to keep the Hunting Act and protect foxes, deer, hare and mink from being chased and killed by dogs.

Robbie Marsland, UK Director of IFAW, said: “We are delighted to be able to reward Brian's dedication to protecting animals over many years with our Campaigner of the Year Award.”

Brian said: “I was very touched when I heard I was to be honoured by IFAW. Fighting for the welfare of our wild animals is not a task that any of us want to have to do. We do it because these magnificent animals live, breathe, see, hear, and feel pleasure and pain like we do, but they do not speak our language, so in the world of humans, they have no voice.

“They have no way to speak out against the abuse being perpetrated against them. I am proud and honoured to receive this medal today from one of the world's greatest animal welfare organisations - recognition that I, and all those good souls who have supported the SAVE-ME campaign, have joined the dedicated band of people who care enough to try to give the animals their voice; and one day to put an end to the cruelty.”

To find out more about Brian's Save-Me campaign visit www.save-me.org.uk