11th November 2021

Fan Feature: 'Queen - Greatest Hits, How It Changed My Life' by John McGowan

"My downstairs neighbour began complaining about the repetition of the same album being played over and over again. One morning in an act of desperation as I passed him in the garden he forced three albums onto me that I had to borrow. Queen 2, which I gladly accepted and rushed upstairs to play, KISS Alive and Escape by Journey. I was told I would like Escape as the producer on it used to work with Queen and that I should like Kiss because as far as he was concerned they were the best band ever. Journey I liked right off, KISS took a little longer. Through Queen and tenuous connections to Queen, I have discovered other great bands and artists, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Foo Fighters, The Darkness, Extreme and Bruce Springsteen to name just a few. If any artist name-checks Queen as an influence then I usually give them a listen."

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