21st February 2023

Meet The Queen Extravaganza 2023

The remaining tickets for the Queen Extravaganza 2023 UK Tour are available here.

Tickets and Tour Dates for the European Tour @ www.queenonline.com/quex.


Francois-Olivier Doyon

"One of my challenges from one night to another is 'You're My Best Friend', it was written by John Deacon and has a very intricate bass line…"


Gareth Taylor

"The song I'm most looking forward to doing is without doubt, 'Somebody to Love'. It's my favourite song and it's challenging."

George Farrar

"Queen & Foo Fighters are the two bands that have been with me throughout my whole life..."

Nick Radcliffe

"I went back and got all the early Queen, so I was really into the first three or four Queen albums, I was a big fan of those..."

Darren Reeves

"You can't get away from Bohemian Rhapsody or Somebody To Love being unbelievable to just listen to, let alone be part of playing it with these guys."

Alirio Netto

"I first saw Freddie when I was 9 years old in Brazil, I was watching him play Rock In Rio and I just fell in love right away..."