19th April 2024

Out Today: New Ian Hunter Album Featuring Brian

Brian features on the new Ian Hunter track 'Precious' with his friends Joe Elliot and the late Taylor Hawkins. The track is taken from Ian's new album 'Defiance Part 2: Fiction', which is released today on Sun Records. Listen to 'Precious' below.

Click here to order 'Defiance Part 2: Fiction'.

Press Release: The album – which features an original cover painting by Johnny Depp – includes the electrifying first single, 'Precious,' featuring Taylor Hawkins on drums and instantly identifiable guitar from longtime mate Brian May (who began his own road to superstardom when Queen supported Mott the Hoople on their blockbuster 1974 tour of the UK and North America). 

“We got on really well with Queen,” Hunter says. “When you’re in a band you can get really bored with each other but they were just normal blokes, it was like being on the road with nine guys instead of just five. Freddie was hilarious and I’ve kept up with Brian to this day.”


Taylor Hawkins: Drums

Brian May: Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Bass

Joe Elliott: Background Vocals

James Mastro: Sax Abuse

Ian Hunter: Piano