2nd November 2023

Q: A Night At The Kabuki Returns To Streaming

Hideki Noda x QUEEN's "legendary" theatre production, Q: A Night At The Kabuki will come back on streaming!!!

Starring Takako Matsu, Takaya Kamikawa, Suzu Hirose, Jun Shison and more.

Filmed in London, unveiled for the first time anywhere else!

The triumphant London performance available on streaming starting Nov 17 for 2 weeks!

Q: A Night At The Kabuki completed a world tour in four cities: Tokyo, London, Osaka, and Taipei with huge success.?10 of the original cast members from the premiere performance reunites in London.
Directed by Hideki Noda and will be shown in Japan for the first time!

10 popular actors from different generations and careers gathered together again and landed at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre in London, England.

Queen’s legendary manager Jim Beach, who saw the performance that premiered in 2019, highly praised the show and have encouraged Hideki to plan for London performances, in the home of Queen. In September 2022, the spectacular stage at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, which has a history of about 300 years came to reality. Three days at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre, with a capacity of 1500 seats were sold out. The chance to relive the excitement of the packed show in London is a never to be missed opportunity.

Despite the fact that foreign language works are particularly difficult to obtain local theatre reviews, numerous theatre reviews were published including 5-star reviews. The local newspaper, The Times, gave it a four-star rating, and the large photo in the center of the page also received rave reviews.

"Imaginative rewrite of Romeo and Juliet is a colourful mash-up."?The Times ?????

"Create a wholly unique and unmissable show."?Lost in the Theatreland ??????

"A rare, unique treat that will stay with me for a long time."?North West End UK ?????

"This is a mind-boggling entertainment." (London Living Large ?????)

Behind the success is the English subtitles supervised by Hideki Noda himself.

Furthermore, it has been brushed up with the cooperation of a native British translator who understands Japanese culture. Noda put the subtitles in a position where all the audience could see the subtitles at the same time as they were watching the play.

The play reached the local audience, fascinated by the highly physical movements received in the dialogue of the subtitles and in the performances of the actors. The real pleasure of Noda's work - Beds that change into a ship, a bus, and a new floor by "likening". The audience was greatly excited by the succession of Noda's performances with large cloths.

The set design by Yukio Kajio was described as “so clever and wonderful that I don't know how to describe it''. Kodue Hibino's costume was ``the best costume design I have ever seen on stage''. The creative work of the Japanese planners resonated with British theater fans, and was noted in the theater reviews.

You can now see, how the stage work that came from Japan was received in London, the vivid reaction of the local audience, and the curtain call which you will see are different performances in Japan and can feel a different amount of enthusiasm.

The original recordings of all 12 songs from QUEEN’s album A Night At The Opera and a live version recording track are used.

All the music of this work is by QUEEN. Freddie Mercury's piano solo, Brian May's guitar, John Deacon's bass, Roger Taylor's bass drum that ticks the rhythm. And the cheers of the audience on the live album, and the gong sound of the famous song “Bohemian Rhapsody”. The jewel-like songs and music by Queen are deeply fused into Hideki Noda's world, stimulating theatre fans, music fans and QUEEN fans.

In January 2023, Hideki Noda was the first Japanese artist to receive the Distinguished Artist Award at ISPA, a global organization in the field of performing arts. Don't miss the streaming of Hideki Noda's masterpiece!

Date/Location of the recording performance?London dates Sept 22-24, 2022 at Sadler’s Wells Theatre

Streaming Schedule
Available from 12pm on Nov 17 to 11:59pm on Nov 30, 2023, JT (3am on Nov 17 to 2:59pm on Nov 30, 2023, GMT)

Streaming Countries and Regions
Japan, US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, and New Zealand.
 - available to be viewed as many times as you like during the streaming period! (For details, please check the distribution platform you are watching)

Streaming Tickets
Online tickets are sold between Nov 6 to 6pm Nov 30, 2023, JT - Ticket price: ¥4,000?Tax incl?
*Equivalent amount in each currency.

Streaming Platform Outside of Japan
Stagecrowd - https://stagecrowd.live/s/sc/form/inquiry?cd=EVENT&ques=10351

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 - Written and directed by Hideki Noda

 - Music by QUEEN