8th August 2017

Queen + Adam Lambert: North American Tour Reviews

“Forty-seven years into its career, Queen proved it can still hold an audience in the palm of its hand.”Dallas Observer

"Particularly stunning: the trinity of “Somebody to Love” (which started with just May’s guitar and Lambert’s vocals before building to its full gospel glory), “Crazy Little Thing Called Love,” and “Under Pressure”. There aren’t many groups touring today that can unleash three songs of such enduring quality all in a row.”Arts Fuse, Boston

“The legendary music group (being no strangers to a big production) kept all attendees in the arena on their feet for two solid hours of entertainment. It would have even made the late Freddie Mercury proud. If you didn’t see them last night in Nashville, do yourself a favor: Find a way to make it happen.”93.3 Classic Hits, Nashville

"So yes, Freddie’s dead. But Queen + Adam Lambert is no glorified tribute act or unholy music matrimony. And if you still Harrumph and Humbug, I don’t give — in the title of the Lone Adam Lambert/non-Queen song performed on the bill — ‘Two Fux.’” Houston Press

"A propulsive show that drags decade-old songs screaming into the here and now." - Eric Times News

"They rocked me. Every minute was just amazing. If you can make it to a show, it shouldn't be missed." - The Observer 

"A concert that will be talked about for many years to come...simply irresistible." - Digital Journal 

"Many brilliant moments." - The Washington Times

"...the reverence to Queen's past along with Lambert's generosity and magnetism that ultimately made it such a satisfying evening for the band's longtime fans."  - USA Today

"Queen + Adam Lambert adds up to an electrifying night at the Verizon Centre." Metro Weekly

"...the show was a blitz of hits." Philly.com

"Mercury's memory and legacy were certainly in good hands last night, everyone in the building was united in remembering his triumphant life—and formidable talent." ClevelScene

"...they closed the night with the 'We Will Rock You / We Are the Champions.' Yes, they did. And yes, they are." Massive.com

“…induced goosebumps. It was simply that magnificent”. - Variety

"...go see this show. It doesn't know how to disappoint you." NJ.com

"Lambert and Queen did rock us, and they remain the champions. Freddie and John, too." - Dig Boston

Queen and Adam Lambert draw a crowd at the Garden (Photo Gallery) - Boston Globe

"Queen + Adam Lambert’s Mohegan Sun gig was such good fun." - Philly Voice

"...this is a really great show, and if you’re lucky enough to be near one of the cities Queen are playing on the remainder of this tour, you should definitely go." - Ultimate Classic Rock

"...they continue to impress the crowds, leaving goosebumps from head to toe." - Q107

"Queen + Adam Lambert seem like a match made in rock ‘n’ roll heaven." - My Record Journal

"The show is exciting with its high-end production and charismatic personality of the current front man and certainly worth the six plus years partnership." - Live In Limbo

"...Mercury's memory and legacy were certainly in good hands last night. By the time Queen closed out the show with the encore of "We Will Rock You" and "We are the Champions," everyone in the building was united in remembering his triumphant life—and formidable talent." - CleveScene

"Queen was impressively energetic all night...Mercury would have been proud of their showmanship..." - The Plain Dealer

"This was simply a fun night of music with two living legends and a young, powerful singer."MLive

"The heavyweight, i.e. Mercury, may be gone, but on Thursday Queen + Adam Lambert could still lay claim to the championship belt -- or, if you prefer, the crown."Oaklands Press

"If you get a chance to see them on this tour – do yourself a favour and go. You’ll be witnessing history." - 98.1 CHFI

“Well, They promised to rock us and Queen + Adam Lambert delivered. And then some.” - Toronto Sun

“Adam Lambert, Queen a match made in heaven…." Windy City Times

“Queen has once again done the remarkable – take songs that are 30 and 40 years old, and make them sound as current as ever..." -  B102.7

"Vancouver heard the best music Queen had to offer and we all left together Champions." Vancouver Observer

"Queen With Adam Lambert ROCKS The Key" - (Photo Gallery) - Seattle Music Insider

"...Brian May, Roger Taylor, and the effervescent Adam Lambert have made sure that Queen’s rapturous anthems still have the power to rock a crowd, while reminding us just how many gifts Freddie Mercury left behind to remember him by."CityPages

 "...it was an evening full of championship moments..." - Pioneer Press

"Queen + Adam Lambert took the essence of everything that made the band so fantastic and bombastic back in the day." - Illinois Entertainer

"Queen guitarist May & drummer Taylor are still two of the top musicians in the industry & they soared in concert." - NWI Times

"The ending of the show with "Radio Gaga", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions" reminded the audience these are songs that don't just stand the test of the time but still live on for most likely centuries....Watching Roger Taylor and Brian May in concert transcends mere entertainment, because there are real emotional stakes in every note performed." - Anti Music

"The night’s cheeky and exuberant performance was testament to Queen’s tremendous staying power..." Chicago Sun Times

“...the ultimate tribute is to Freddie, most notably in the ballad “Love of My Life,” in which May invites the audience in a heartwarming singalong with an acoustic guitar. It brought tears to my eyes." - EnidNews.com

“…it's more important that these musicians in this configuration keep our memories of Mercury flaming on." - Westword

"...a night of impeccable showmanship and visual wonderment, concertgoers found themselves in a reality they didn't want to leave." - Exclaim.ca

"...everyone involved seems energized by the collaboration. Most importantly, the audience at the packed Rogers Place were completely won over."  - Edmonton Sun

"...as a separate entity Queen + Adam Lambert more than stand on their own." - Edmonton Journal

"As concertgoers clamored out of the arena to the tune of Bowie’s “Heroes”, a lot of them were musing about just how much of a spectacle that show had been. And it really, really was." Vancouver Weekly

Queen and Adam Lambert are the champions of KeyArena - Seattle Times

"...the audience's standing ovation shook the building. After all, they'd just seen one of rock's best bands play a stellar show." AZ Central

Queen + Adam Lambert’s Hollywood Bowl set a fitting tribute to Freddie Mercury - OC Register

Adam Lambert Continues to Prove He's Queen's Ideal New Frontman at L.A. Show - Billboard

Rock greats Queen hit their stride with Adam Lambert - "And so it’s no longer about whether or not Lambert fits the band — he does." Review Journal

"When you have a catalog of songs as incredible as Queen's, why would you ever want to retire? Imagine how much fun it must be to play those songs and think "Fuck yeah, we wrote this thing. Galileo Galileo Magnifico — that's our shit."  Phoenix New Times