22nd February 2021

'Queen In 3-D' for £20 Offer

The Daily Mail is running a special offer to snap up 'Queen In 3-D' for just £20!

Simply click here to check out their 'Griller Queen' photo feature and take the offer code at the bottom of the page (beneath the photos of Brian in the desert) to the LSC Shop to make your purchase and to grab the discount.

“Each picture unlocks a story, often in a long-forgotten situation that the 3-D pictures brought so vividly to life when re-presented to my eyes. I’ve always felt that 3-D pictures were a thousand times more powerful than flat snaps, but some of these 3-D moments are so extraordinarily evocative that I was actually shocked in myself what recollections they brought out of my head. So in Queen’s 50th anniversary year, this collection presents a kind of multidimensional potted history of the band, seen from my intimate point of view.” Brian May