30th September 2021

'Queen in 3-D' Paperback Edition

Words from the author of 'Queen in 3-D' himself, Brian May, on the arrival of the paperback edition... 

“My QUEEN IN 3-D book has been a massive success all around the world - much more than I dared hope when we began producing it.  It’s a weighty tome, of course, and costs a fair bit because of the slipcase and full classic OWL stereoscope included.  So we decided to attempt a new edition in paperback with a new model Steampunk OWL - and -  without sacrificing ANY quality in the printing - we can now offer this stereoscopic masterpiece in a highly portable form at a ridiculously low price !!! 

Do I hear sleigh bells?!!! QUEEN IN 3-D - The Paperback - is pre-orderable right now !!! “



To pre-order 'Queen in 3-D' paperback hit the link @ https://shop.londonstereo.com/queen-in-3-d-paperback-edition.html?

Released on 16th November 2021.