3rd January 2022

Queen The Greatest Pop Up Store - Last Week of Trading

A reminder that the Queen The Greatest Pop Up Store will be closing at the end of the week. Sunday, 9th January 2022 will be the store's last day of trading, so get down there quick to pick up something special with any leftover Xmas money and take advantage of the discounts available of selected products, including:

50% off many T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and hats

50% off Queen Tokolo designs

30% off the Queen 'Champion' range

Be sure to also check out the handwritten lyrics for 'Man On The Prowl', 'Action This Day', 'Hammer To Fall' and 'I Want To Break Free', plus the replica of Freddie's 'It's a Hard Life' custome, that are all on display instore.

Selected lines are also available online @ www.queenonlinestore.com/The-Greatest-Pop-Up-Store/