8th November 2022

'The Outsider Tour - Live' Now Available For Pre-Order in Japan on SHM CD

Roger's recent live album and QueenOnline exclusive 'The Outsider Tour - Live' is now available for pre-order in Japan on SHM CD. The album is released on December 21st.

It is available to purchase in Japan, herethrough the Universal Queen store, or Worldwide, on the Tower Records website, here. The first pressing comes with a bonus 12 cm x 12 cm sticker depicting the album cover.

SHM-CD (Super High Material CD) is a superior quality CD fully compatible with all CD players. SHM-CD utilizes a polycarbonate material and results in more clarity, depth, and definition of sound, bringing the listener ever closer to the music of the original master.

Click here to order the album on pink vinyl and exclusive merch in the QueenOnline Store.