23rd May 2023

The Train - The Miracle: Limited Edition Prints in aid of The Mercury Phoenix Trust

- The Train -

"The Queen office asked me to cover the Video shoot for "Breakthru" which was being shot at Didcot Railway Station. As always on Queens video there’s a lot going on. When they told me it was the boys performing on a moving train at 40/50 m.p.h. a crane camera, handheld camera, and lighting, I thought wow that’s brave. I then thought that’s me included. This is going to be a challenge!"

"I was then told I can’t get on board because the insurance wouldn’t cover it. Gutted. So after sulking for a few moments, I looked around for some locations I could shoot the boys in. There were old stationary train carriages that looked great inside. I had a chat with Phil Symes, Queen’s PR said this would be a great backdrop for a photo and relate to the project. Phil agreed. So while the crew were setting up for the train ride we managed to hustle the boys in for this shot. I had about 10/15 mins. Welcome to my world!"

Simon Fowler - Photographer

Order now @ https://poprockphotos.com/queen-ltd-edition-prints/ - 50% of the profit from each sale will be donated to The MPT