3rd February 2023

Watch: Queen The Greatest Live - Rehearsals Part 3 (Episode 3)

“Queen The Greatest Live” The Greatest series returns with a year-long celebration of Queen Live.

A 50-week YouTube series going behind the scenes to reveal what goes into creating a Queen show featuring moments from iconic performances and demonstrating why the band is regarded as the ultimate live act.

Queen The Greatest Live Episode 3 - Rehearsals - Part 3

In preparation for their massive, and ultimately final, stadium tour of Europe with Freddie Mercury in 1986, Queen embarked on a series of full production rehearsals to test all elements of their extraordinary show. Some of those rehearsals were captured on a home movie camera, giving a rare insight into the amount of preparation that went into these Magic shows.

Next week: The Soundcheck

Photo: Neal Preston  / Queen Productions Ltd.