20th May 2020

Watch: We Are The Champions by Social Action Through Music in Brazil

As we have said many times before we love seeing different interpretations of Queen's music coming in from across the world, we highlight many on our Official YouTube Channel, but when we receive one that is just that little bit extra special, we just have to share it...

This video was made by "Ação Social Pela Música do Brasil" (Social Action Through Music in Brazil).
A non-governmental and non-profit organization with an educational aspect, founded by conductor David Machado. ASM aims at social inclusion on collective teaching of classical music, for children, teenagers and young people living in socially vulnerable communities. In this quarantine, the "Camerata Jovem" from Rio de Janeiro recorded a special video to make people aware to respect social isolation, only this way we will really be ‘champions’ in these challenging days.

ASM's website - www.asmdobrasil.org.br