9th January 2018

'We Are One' - Jayce Lewis ft. Brian May

Having already collaborated with Roger Taylor, Electro-rocker Jayce Lewis has now teamed up with Brian May for the track 'We Are One' taken from his current album 'Millions: Part 1'.

"Alongside Queen, I have been a follower of Brian's work for many years. Way back I remember freaking out over his song 'Cyborg' from his solo album 'Another World'. Those hammer on guitars in the main riff have circled my mind ever since. So following the collaboration I did with Roger on 'Wrath', I figured a collaboration with Brian a must..."

"Once again, I wrote a completely new song incorporating the hammer on guitar riff from 'Cyborg'. Then, just as I had done previously with ‘Wrath’, I sent my initial idea to Josh Macrae and from there he and I began experimenting with the arrangement, sending Brian a few demos as we progressed...which he loved. This gave birth to the new track 'We Are One'." 

"What an honour it's been...again! Thank you forever, Dr. May!"

 - Jayce Lewis

For more on Jayce go to www.jaycelewis.com