25th November 2019

UK and NA WWRY Shops - Last Shipping Dates for Christmas

WWRY Christmas Merchandise Heads Up!

 - Last Shipping Dates for the Official North American Store

 - 3rd December -  international shipping deadline

 - 18th December - domestic standard shipping deadline (noon)

 - 20th December - 2-day domestic shipping deadline (noon)

 - 23rd December - next day domestic shipping deadline (noon)

Order now @ www.wewillrockyoustore.com/store/


 - Last Shipping Dates for the Official UK Store

UK Orders: 
- 1st Class - 20th December - shipping deadline (noon)
- 2nd class - 18th December - shipping deadline (noon)

European Orders:
- 13th December - shipping deadline (noon)

Order now @ https://we-will-rock-you.backstreetmerch.com