Their first gig of the year at the Marquee is set up as a 'showcase' event for Elektra executive Jack Holtzman, who may sign the band, but first wants to see them perform live before he can make a final decision.

In August he band return to Trident Studios to begin work on what will become Queen II. This time they record under proper conditions, not in downtime, and progress much more efficiently. They cover a great deal of ground and capture on tape faithful renditions of the material they have been playing live and experimenting with in rehearsals.

Their show at Golders Green Hippodrome is recorded by the BBC for an In Concert broadcast, and a forty minute edit is transmitted the following month, on October 20, on Radio 1.

This is followed by Queen’s very first concerts outside the UK, in Germany and Luxembourg, and then three concerts in London in preparation for a 25 date tour of the UK supporting Mott The Hoople.

Text taken from the forthcoming revised and updated edition of Queen Live: A Concert Documentary.