Another European tour kicks off in April, lasting four weeks and ending with three nights at London's Empire Pool. The Crown lighting rig is still used with Freddie still wearing his leotards, a costume he first started wearing on the UK tour in 1976. By the time of the UK dates he changes his costume to a black jacket and matching trousers set in PVC vinyl, and when the USA tour commences in October, this costume is completed with the addition of a cap and dark shades.

Also for the U.S tour a new lighting rig is unveiled, in the shape of the 'Pizza Oven', a massive rig of hundreds of lights in blocks of red, green and white. Many songs are dropped from the set to make way for tracks from the new album Jazz.

For the first time, the band travel in their own private plane between cities on this tour. Criss-crossing the U.S and Canada in this way makes life more comfortable and convenient, and ensuring a more relaxed band. After the show in New Orleans, a huge party takes place for the world premier of the Jazz album. It is the very first event jointly organised by EMI and Elektra, and it includes an elaborate assortment of entertainment. This huge tour ends near Christmas with three nights at the Los Angeles Forum.

Text taken from the forthcoming revised and updated edition of Queen Live: A Concert Documentary